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Our mission is to be your trusted partner for court records searches, locally and nationally.

We simplify the complex court records retrieval process, and understand how important it is to have access to fast, accurate information. Our expert-level team of on-site researchers and quality assurance specialists are ready to help you get fast, reliable, and affordable information every time.

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Throughout the United States, we provide exceptional coverage for both county and statewide criminal, as well as civil searches. You have peace of mind that your information is accurate and includes the most current data from the court records database.

We are your solution to criminal and civil court records research in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.  With a network of on-site researchers across the nation, we can accommodate your needs in any state. Contact us for further information

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IQ Research truly understands the value of great customer service. We want every client’s experience to be personal and tailored to their business needs.

We guarantee that each request is treated with the same level of care each and every time. Our mission is to work as your trusted partner for court records searches, locally and nationally. The quality assurance team at IQ Research is an extension of your team and will deliver the best possible service with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

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Through acquired accreditation, and continued education IQ Research continues to stay ahead of the curve as an active member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN), and New Jersey Business Industry & Association (NJBIA)

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