Public Record Research Services

IQResearch currently offers both statewide and county public record research. On the county wide level, a researcher conducts criminal and civil record research in each of the jurisdictions requested. County criminal and civil records research includes a seven or ten year search, with extended time available upon request. Included are felony and misdemeanor charges for criminal searches and upper and lower civil cases for civil searches.

Statewide Record Research

Statewide record research is the best way to ensure you aren’t missing any information.  These searches are done on site at New Jersey Superior court locations to ensure the most accurate information. All searches include seven to ten year research with extended or restricted time frames available upon request.

Civil vs. Criminal Searches

IQResearch provides both criminal and civil records research. Criminal records focus on felony and misdemeanor charges brought up to the superior court level. Civil records research ranges from both upper and lower courts while focusing on whether or not the subject has any cases where they have failed to carry out the legal duty owed to another.


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