NJ Specialists

For over 22 years, IQ Research has been trusted as the leading provider of court records search in New Jersey. Our team offers fast and accurate reports to allow our clients a simple, hassle-free way of accessing relevant data.

The structure of New Jersey’s court system is made up of the following:

  • State Superior Court
  • Municipal courts
  • Tax Court

New Jersey Superior Courts

Our team can provide you comprehensive records directly available from the New Jersey Superior Court system. New Jersey consists of 21 counties, each with their own Superior Court which are typically responsible for serious offenses and felonies.

Note that in New Jersey, felonies are referenced as ‘Indictable Offenses’. Similar to most states, all Indictable Offense records are centralized at the county courthouse.

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New Jersey Municipal Courts

The Municipal Courts are considered courts of limited jurisdiction. Municipal Courts typically handle court cases that happen within the boundaries of its municipality.

This includes cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle and parking tickets
  • Minor criminal-type offenses
  • Municipal ordinance offenses
  • Miscellaneous offenses such as fish and game violations.